How to stay safe at a public Wi-Fi hotspot

I use WiFi hot spots from time to time and I am always careful how I use them, but it is always good to have a reminder on how to use them safely (by way of ArsTechnica). Basically the message is use SSL all the time:

How to stay safe at a public Wi-Fi hotspot: “Firesheep lit a figurative fire under the feet of folks who otherwise weren’t concerned with the security of their data as it passes to and fro over a WiFi network in a public place. That’s good. You’re at risk whenever you use WiFi on a public network, but thankfully it’s never been easier or cheaper to secure yourself thoroughly.

Steve Gibson also talked about Firesheep in this podcast.


Apple Subscription Plan

Apparently Apple is shopping a $30 month subscription plan to the media networks for content (1, 2).

I think this is a good idea.

Most of the content on the iTunes Movie store is buy-only which is not an attractive proposition since I suspect that most of it will only get watched once (or twice, maybe). The high cost of buying programs is what puts me off buying anything on the store. For example if I want to catch up on the Family Guy on the iTunes Movie store, I would need to buy all the seasons which would cost me between $10 and $30 a season, a show-stopper for me. For that kind of money I am better off going to Netflix but then I have to wait for 2 days. I know you can rent movies and I do once in a while but the selection is pretty thin.

So if I was able to have access to the content on the iTunes Movie store for $30/month and pay per movie rented, that would be an attractive proposition for me.

Attractive in the way cable wasn’t because I would get 70 channels for a basic cable subscription (67 of which I did not watch), and I would need to get premium subscriptions for better quality content, which is why I killed off my cable 4 years ago.

The interesting thing about this plan though is that it moves close to the a-la-carte programming that cable companies fought tooth and nail against time and time again.

Two Great Podcasts Just Went off the Air

Two great podcasts I was watching just went off the air, DL.TV and WebbAlert.

All good things… as they say.

Updated blogroll

I just updated my blogroll and my podcasts, new stuff added, old stuff dropped.