Currently I am involved in three projects: One is looking into the tokenization of various Asian languages; Another is serving as part-time CTO in a team looking at market opportunities in the health care sector around content mining and clinical decision support; And finally working on a weblog search engine testing out various search, data mining and aggregation ideas.

Before that I was CTO and co-founder at MyRoar Inc where I built the demo system for the web site, and the search and infrastructure technology around the NLP core.

Before that I was co-founder and Chief Scientist at Feedster Inc, a weblog search engine, when I built the search engine, scaling it up to handle very large number of documents and searches. When I left the search engine was handling 1.5 million searches a day, was indexing 2-4 million posts a day, and had an index containing 2 billion posts. The search engine featured load-balancing, distributed searching, redundancy, automatic discovery, self-repair and self-administration. It was built around unicode from the outset, and included support for many european and asian languages. I also wrote the first crawler.

Before that, for ten years, I ran FS Consulting, Inc. a consulting firm focused on specialized information retrieval applications. Clients ran the gamut with companies such as Xerox, Orion Scientific, Elsevier Science and Endeavor Information Systems. During this time, I developed a search engine and a web-based electronic journal system called ScienceServer. This product was later sold to Elsevier Science.

Before that I worked for three years on the Human Genome Project at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Systems and Management from the City University of London, and was later awarded a Fellowship at the Center for Interactive Systems Research at the City University of London.

I currently live in Salem, MA, just north of Boston.

François Schiettecatte

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