How to speed up an aging MacBook with a solid state drive

About 3 months ago I upgraded the disk drive in my MacBook Pro with an SSD, the interesting thing was how easy it was to do the upgrade with the help of iFixit. Ars does the same to a MacBook:

How to speed up an aging MacBook with a solid state drive: “When we recently detailed how to boost the storage space in a MacBook Air with a replacement solid state drive module, some readers asked what it would be like to swap the hard drive in an older MacBook with a similarly speedy SSD. We decided to investigate, and as it turns out, thanks to a common 2.5″ drive size and widely available external enclosures, the swap is quicker, easier, and cheaper than the one for a MacBook Air.”

The upgrade was a real shot in the arm of my MacBook Pro in terms of performance, even though the previous disk drive was a 7,200rpm model.