Mac OS X Lion

I upgraded to Mac OS X Lion over the weekend, things went mostly well, backup, install, repeat on the other machine.

There are a number of good reviews out there, notably John Siracusa’s at ArsTechnica, and Robert Mohns’ at MacInTouch.

Some things that are driving me crazy:

  • The way the new scroll bars appear and disappear, I just make them permanent. I tried to make them automatic but they would not always appear and you lose the ability to see what is and is not scrollable.
  • The Address Book and iCal are a train wreck.
  • For some reason my folder/document locations keep getting reset.

That being said, I really like the new Mail, Mission Control is nice (though they have made it more difficult to see minimized windows).

Overall this version is optimized to run on laptops, not desktop machines, but you can turn off all the ‘laptopy’ things.

Lastly I found that John Siracura has a podcast called Hypercritical. Worth listening to.





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