BBEdit 10.0

BBEdit 10.0 came out last week, I have been a long time user of BBEdit (pretty much since it came out). This release comes with a lot of changes, a lot, and has required me to change some of my work processes. There are a number of rough edges too so it might be an idea to wait for the .1 release. And you will want to make sure not to upgrade unless you have some downtime to work through all the changes.



Mac OS X Lion

I upgraded to Mac OS X Lion over the weekend, things went mostly well, backup, install, repeat on the other machine.

There are a number of good reviews out there, notably John Siracusa’s at ArsTechnica, and Robert Mohns’ at MacInTouch.

Some things that are driving me crazy:

  • The way the new scroll bars appear and disappear, I just make them permanent. I tried to make them automatic but they would not always appear and you lose the ability to see what is and is not scrollable.
  • The Address Book and iCal are a train wreck.
  • For some reason my folder/document locations keep getting reset.

That being said, I really like the new Mail, Mission Control is nice (though they have made it more difficult to see minimized windows).

Overall this version is optimized to run on laptops, not desktop machines, but you can turn off all the ‘laptopy’ things.

Lastly I found that John Siracura has a podcast called Hypercritical. Worth listening to.




Whale Tail

This is the tail end of a baby Humpback Whale who cruised past us, when I say cruised I mean mobbed us, three people go hit (there was no damage). I caught a picture of its’ tail which was about 5 feet wide.

You can see the front part of the whale here.

Digital Copy

Last week I got a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copy combo disc for a popular animated movie. I am (was) a fan of digital copies that I could transfer to my computer and watch on my Apple TV. Was a fan because the copy was really bad, all sorts of compression artifacts and blotchy colors. Turns out it is a 640×480 version of the movie and the file was over 1GB in size suggesting the compression treatment on the file was terrible. Given how bad it was I am not sure why they include digital copies. Hard to see how it could look good on any device.

Note to the movie distributors (Disney), if you are going to include a digital copy you should make sure it looks good, what I saw was pretty insulting the people who created the movie.