Mini DisplayPort D’oh Moment

I got myself a new Apple LED 27″ Cinema Display along with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card for my aging MacPro. I took a look at the Dell UltraSharp U2711 display and decided that I did not want the anti-glare coating that comes with it.

I had a major D’oh moment when setting it up. For some reason I was not getting a picture after I plugged it in. I did a little research and found that you need to push the Mini DisplayPort plug firmly into its socket until you get a secure click and the plug is flush with the socket. Everything worked once that was done.

I noted a couple of things. Contrary to the answers on the Apple Store, this card will drive three monitors on an older MacPro (I have a 1,1 model). And the cord on display is on the short side, which is fine if you use this monitor with a laptop, but does not work so well if you use a deskside machine like I do and I had to get an extension cable.


jQuery Autocomplete

As part of the work I have done on OMIM, I had to put in an autocomplete features. I found the jQuery Plugin which appears to be no longer supported. jQuery UI has a nice autocomplete implementation but it does a lot more than I needed and requires a buy-in to the UI tools.

Then I found jquery-autocomplete on Google code which did all I needed. I made a number of changes to the code to bring the functionality in line with the autocomplete feature on major search engines. And I am also bringing the documentation up to date.



WhistlePig: A minimalist real-time search engine

By way of “Jeff’s Search Engine Caffè“, I came across WhistlePig, a small realtime search engine written in C and Ruby.

A few things caught my eye about this. One was the sort order which is hardwired to be in reverse chronological order. This was the same default sort order we used at Feedster and this allows for quite a few optimizations. The other is that it allows for the realtime addition of documents. I played around this with in a test search engine I built for fun after I left Feedster.

I should have some downtime in the next few months so I will take a look at this search engine.

Wrapping up a Consulting Project

I am just wrapping up a consulting project I have been working on for the past 4 months. I have been putting together the new website for a database called Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM for short.) This database is a catalog of human genes and genetic phenotypes (how genes manifest themselves in humans).

This has been a complex project, I spent a lot of time dealing with data issues, specifically data cleanliness, and data interchange (this community badly needs standards for data interchange and linking.)

That being said it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.