Sony Gear

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has this little gem on the tracks of Sony’s Google TV product.

I have to admit, I am no longer a fan of Sony gear, the last (and it will be the last) piece of gear I got from there is a BluRay player. I bought it for two things. One because it can play BluRay discs and Two because it can stream movies from Netflix.

I spent two hours messing with the machine and never got the connection to Netflix to work. For some reason which was never made clear to me I had to create some sort of account with Sony in order to get access to Netflix. I also called tech support and spent over an hour on hold. At which point I gave up.

And playing BluRay discs means being forced to watch previews for 5-10 minutes before getting to the movie. Yes, I get that BluRay movies are much nicer, but upscaled DVDs look pretty much the same to me from where I sit.

Finally whenever I switch on my BluRay player, I am greeted with a list of services I don’t want to access (no way to turn them off.)

Contrast this with getting a movies on the iTunes movie store which takes two steps, One select the movie, Two press play when the movie is ready to play (usually 30 seconds).

It feels like Sony has forgotten who the customer is here. Which is a shame because I will be replacing my TV in the next year or so.


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