Three Little Things

Earlier this week I was listening to Paul Thurrott on Windows Weekly talking about Android and how it was overtaking the iPhone (note that I said iPhone and not iOS). He also mentioned it on his SuperSite Blog Daily Update.

You can’t really deny that Apple is at a competitive disadvantage here, the iPhone is on one carrier only while Android is on multiple devices and on multiple carriers.

So here is my (humble) list of three items Apple needs to address to stay competitive:

  • It’s ok to release new hardware once a year, but there should be a major software release every 6 months, something that brings new features in mid-cycle to keep the platform fresh.
  • It needs to open up to other carriers, notably Verizon, to expand the customer base.
  • Finally, iTunes needs to be fixed. And free the phone from having to rely on iTunes.

I doubt SteveO reads this blog (I would hope he has better things to do), but I would see these as a minimum.




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