Nokia and the Road Ahead

Very interesting read about the road that Nokia faces. I believe that Nokia is still the largest sellers of phones in the world in terms of units, from that point of view they are already a commodity product. However they are getting pressure from the high end, and their high end phones have not been a hit in the US for whatever reason. Gruber’s article implies that they need to pick a software platform and that it should be applied across the board. I am not sure I agree. At the high end sure, but at the low end they just need something simple, a phone rather than a platform. Nothing wrong with a dual operating system strategy.


★ What’s Next for Nokia?: “None of Nokia’s options seem appealing, though. Symbian is crufty and has no legs. MeeGo isn’t ready, and has the whiff of vaporware. But going with Android or Windows Phone 7 reduces Nokia to the role of a commodity OEM, a peer not to Apple or RIM but rather merely to companies like HTC and LG. Nokia needs a platform that makes people want to buy a ‘Nokia phone’, not an ‘Android phone’ or ‘Windows phone’.

(Via Daring Fireball.)


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