Great Hardware, Poor Software

I like the new iPods. The new Shuffle goes back to the previous design (I own one), I did not think much of the previous version which took minimalism a little too far I think, people like buttons it seems. The new Touch is a very nice evolution, basically catching up with the current iPhone (except for the camera). And the new Nano is really nice, I think I will be getting one. I am not worried that it lost its camera, and I could not care less about radio (unlike the RIAA which thinks I really need one).

The new Apple TV is very nice, I keep running out of space on the current one I have which means that I need to juggle what goes on there (I had upgraded to 160GB, was considering upgrading it to 320GB, but that would cost the same as a new Apple TV).

On the other hand iTunes keeps on disappointing and is in dire need of a complete rethink (see Ars Technica and Paul Thurrott on this). I was expecting Apple to having something new this time because they reached version 10, now it looks like we are going to have to wait until version 11 which may not come before September next year.


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