iOS 4.0

Just upgraded to iOS 4.0, have to say that it looks pretty good so far. There are three great reviews to read, MacWorld’s review by Dan Moren, ArsTechnica’s review by Jacqui Cheng and Paul Thurrott’s review. The first two are good because they both provide a good overview of the new features.

I have tried the iBooks application and it is ok. It can’t open a 50MB eBook I put together, neither can Stanza, not quite sure what is going on there, looks like the developers tested these with very small books.

I also love the fact that iBooks can read PDFs. Ok that does not work so well on the iPhone but I expect it to work really well on the iPad. This capability instantly highlighted a major issue with the iBooks app which is that it can’t manage folders, so no hope of putting 500+ PDF files on there.


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