Deactivating Facebook

For a while I have been very uneasy with Facebook’s privacy policies (as well as ownership policies for uploaded photos and the like), like a number of people I was very surprised by how much access to my data applications run by my friends had, data that I had marked as private and only available to friends. So a month ago I deactivated my account. In the event it turns out that I was not the only one, the recent privacy changes (which left Mollie Wood miffed) caused a number of others to leave too.

I did leave a message for Facebook when I deactivated my account, but I doubt Mark Zuckerburg will read it. Frankly I think he needs to, Facebook is built on users, they are fickle and will desert you when something better comes along.

I have not yet deleted my Facebook account, but I will if I don’t feel the need to use it in the next few months.


2 Responses to Deactivating Facebook

  1. justdc says:

    What exactly are Facebook’s privacy policies that you are not pleased with?

  2. First setting something to private does not seem to be the case. If you look at the ACLU quiz application, it highlights a number of inconsistencies, and seems to have access to information which I marked as private.

    Second I have a real problem with the defaults being set to wide open whenever there is a change in the privacy control system like there was 4 months ago.

    Third opting out of the recent changes requires deep digging into the settings, and my changes did not take the first time around.

    Lastly, and I admit that this does not gave any bearing on privacy itself, the user interface is way too complex for the average user. There are way too many options, simple things are difficult and complex things are impossible. After spending 20 minutes trying to set things, I gave up.

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