Goodbye Bluefin Tuna

I was deeply disappointed to see that the UN rejected a ban on the trade of bluefin tuna on March 18th (see “Bluefin tuna: Eaten Away” in the Economist and “U.N. Rejects Export Ban on Atlantic Bluefin Tuna” in the NY Times). The article highlight the voting shenanigans that we used by the Libyan delegation to effectuate this rejection.

Let’s face it, with idiots like that in charge of conservation, bluefin tuna is as good as extinct. From the Economist:

The outlook for the bluefin tuna is not good. Scientists already agree that the population is crashing, and that quotas allocated to fishermen remain too generous to give any reasonable degree of certainty of a recovery. The extent to which illegal fishing can be brought under control will also have a big impact on whether the population has a chance of recovering.

What I can’t understand is that the countries who rely most on fishing for food and trade are the least likely to implement sound fishery management practices. I have to wonder if these people have given thought to how they will make a living once the fish are all gone?


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