Need to Focus the Meaning of “NoSQL”

Great post by Adam Ferrari titled Let’s not let “NoSQL” go the way of “Web 2.0” on the new to focus the definition of “NoSQL” lest it turns into the term “Web 2.0” which has become pretty much meaningless since meaning everything:

As part of a team focused on enterprise-oriented information access problems, which are a different beast from wide area data stores, I don’t apply the “NoSQL” label to what we’re doing. At our core, we’re targeting different problem spaces. And I have a huge amount of respect for what the NoSQL movement is doing. For example, the work being done on consistency models like the Vogels paper I mentioned above is big league computer science that is making large contributions to the ways that technology can play bigger and more helpful roles in our lives. I’d just hate to see the “NoSQL” label go the way of “Web 2.0,” a moniker that rapidly came to mean everything and so nothing at all.


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