iTunes LP Format – Bitter “Cocktail”?

I could not help having fun with the headline, it is late it the day and some steam needed venting. It turns out that the iTunes LP Format has not been selling too well:

Six months later, however, iTunes LP doesn’t prompt much consumer recognition, and none of the industry sources with whom I spoke said they viewed it as being anywhere close to game-changing from a format perspective. Rather, it’s considered more of a curiosity. Like an enhanced CD or a DVD packaged with a physical album, iTunes LP’s bonus materials may interest super-fans, but they aren’t generating much buzz among mainstream consumers, and don’t appear to be stimulating LP sales at all. “It’s something most people will look at once,” is how one person put it.

I have to admit that I had a bit of a ‘what the…’ moment when I first read about the iTunes LP Format. I used to buy LPs (dating myself) and would check out the sleeves when I was listening to the music. After that I bought CDs and found that I paid very little attention to the sleeves, that they were smaller, contained less information and were just not that interesting anymore had something to do with that I am sure, same goes for the sleeves in cassettes. Now that the music lives on iTunes or my iPod, I don’t even care that there is a ‘sleeve’ virtual or real.

Let’s face it, the way we listen to music has changed, radically! I could not listen to LPs on the go so there was time to browse a sleeve, once music became mobile (CD, cassette, MP3 player) the goal was to make the device as light as possible, and sleeves were history.


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