Close up of a Nurse Shark

This is another angle on the large (pregnant) Nurse Shark I posted last september. This Nurse Shark has been swimming around us and decided to take a rest tucking its head under a coral head, the back end of the was out on the sand around the coral head.

I was pretty sure it was pregnant when I saw it turn right in front of me, you could see from the stomach that there was something substantial there (all divers were accounted for so not that) and one of the dive master signaled to me that it was indeed pregnant (there is no sign in the dive book for pregnant but it was obvious to me). Also there was slight wound on its side, it had gotten in a scrape with some other sea creature or maybe a human, hard to tell, but it was there, you can see the bump to the left of the remora’s head in this picture.

I felt really lucky that it had settled down and I was able to approach it very closely and got pictures from both sides and some nice close ups of which this is one. I don’t put the full size image on Flickr but you can see the texture and color of the scales, and the eye. I was able to spent about 2-3 minutes and took 17 shots.


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