Apple Tablet Post-Mortem

As promised in my Apple Tablet predictions last month, here is a post-mortem:

Glad to say that I was mostly right about the device, except for the camera and the price, well I did hit the top of the price range but not the bottom, and the 3G is more expensive than not having 3G.

What did surprise me was that the non-3G version does not have a GPS, I am not sure why as I would have thought that it would have been useful regardless of 3G connectivity, this also probably means that it won’t have a compass either.

The other thing that surprises me is the backlash against it. I suspect that all the hype built up by the press and on the various weblogs got people so excited that they were disappointed when their pet feature/connector/what-have-you was not included in the device. There is only so much you can pack onto such a device before it turns into a brick. Also I wonder how many people have actually used one of them yet, I know I have not and I will withhold judgement until I do.


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