Before And After

I thought I would do something new for this scuba picture posting. The truth is that most (all!) scuba pictures need some post-processing to look good and the amount of time I spend on picture depends not only on how much work it needs but also on how good the picture is. Typically I will take up to 1,400 pictures on a dive trip, I come back with about 800 (600 get ditched while on the trip), I pick around 100-125 which are worth post-processing and three or four come out really well.

This is the initial picture of a Sea Turtle taken on a night dive in the Cocos Island. It was moving close to the surface and I had to shoot from the hip to get this picture, in fact I was swimming alongside it, holding out the camera, aiming as best I could taking shots. I got three shots, one was of a flipper only and the other had someone else’s flash in it. I was very lucky to get this shot. As you can see there is a lot of ‘snow’, reflections from particles and creatures floating in the water due to the flash. In the bottom of the picture you can see a couple of shark eye reflections.
Sea Turtle Master Image

So cleaning all those up and adjusting the color a little yielded this which I think is a lot better.
Sea Turtle Image

All the snow is gone, the color of the Sea Turtle is a little more saturated and the black of the water is deep.

I will post some more before and after pictures in the next few weeks so you can see what one has to content with.


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