Apple Tablet

Ok, so I am going to throw my hat into the ring here with Apple Tablet predictions, what I have seen and heard so far range from the boring to the ludicrous. I have also heard a few things from the mother ship which seemed to make sense, at how I perceive reality.

So here goes:

  • 10″ tablet-like device, much like an oversized iPod touch, smaller would not make sense, bigger would be too big.
  • WiFi is a no-brainer, 3G for data connectivity, and bluetooth for audio connectivity as well as keyboard and mouse. This last part is key is any amount of data entry needs to be done on the device (such as email, IM, etc…)
  • There will be a front-facing camera on the device.
  • The operating system will be iPhone-like but with new interface elements to fit the larger screen size. Some have speculated that there will be a new major iPhone OS version released at the same time but this is doubtful, typically these have come with new iPhones to support new hardware features and to serve as an incentive to upgrade.
  • Getting a 3G plan will be optional, and I would imagine that this would impact the price of the device (which would be cheaper with a 3G contract). I would expect to see both GSM and CDMA in the device.
  • New version of iTunes for content management much like podcasts in iTunes, iTunes extras is probably a good preview of things to come. Expect to see both pay-for and free content for the device.
  • This will be a content access/viewing device so expect to see new applications for this as well as new UI elements to support this. I have seen rumors of a steep learning curve, but this makes no sense, not the Apple way.
  • It will be released in March and the price will be around $800.
  • Apple will position this as a new kind of device so as not to eat into iPhone/iPod sales or MacBook sales.

Of course I will do a post-mortem when the device actually comes out.


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