Three Bugs with iTunes

There are three bugs in the current release of iTunes, they are so glaring I wonder how they got through QA. Maybe Apple has been working hard on the next release so has thrown a junior at the current release.

So here are the three bugs I am running into:

  1. It no longer automatically synchronizes with my AppleTV when new video podcasts are downloaded, or movies or TV shows for that matter, I always seem to have to sync manually.
  2. I have podcasts set up so that audio podcasts are placed on my iPod and video podcasts are placed on my AppleTV. iTunes provides a powerful set of controls which allow me to set that up, and it worked for a while, and then something happened. For some reason the podcasts now get automatically deselected from sync after I remove the last episode in it, and I have to manually re-enable sync when new episodes arrive.
  3. Finally syncing my iPod manually almost always results in either it crashing or iTunes locking up.

I have done a complete reinstall of iTunes, having deleted all preference files, etc… but to no avail.

Apple, what gives??


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