Same Cute Turtle

I have posted a picture of this turtle before but decided to post another because he was pretty impressive.

As I mentioned in my original post, I spent about 5 minutes watching it eating on either side of the coral head. What was impressive is that while he (or she, hard to tell) knew that I was there he just carried on eating, and checking me out from time to time.

Turtles are pretty tame if you don’t threaten them, but they will swim away very fast if you annoy them (I know because once a dive master grabbed one to show it off and it swam like hell as soon as he let go, needless to say I did not dive with that dive master again).

A recent article in the NY Times, “Turtles Are Casualties of Warming in Costa Rica”, is well worth reading, the title says it all, and there is a slideshow to go along with it.

I see turtles on most of my dives but I never tire if it, and all divers I have known never tire of seeing them either, they are truly special.


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