Danger Danger

Plenty has been written about the Danger data loss over the weekend (TechCrunch). For me the most interesting commentary came from John C. Dvorak, he got some things right but he also got some things wrong:

Over the past week, users of the T-Mobile Sidekick platform found that all their contacts and other important information was permanently lost, because of server mishaps. If Microsoft had wanted to throw a monkey wrench into cloud computing, it could not have done a better job.

Huh, don’t think so, this was a data loss screw-up, nothing to do with the cloud. If what we are reading is to be believed, a SAN upgrade went wrong and the data was lost, with no backup.

Insert Ellen Feiss ad here…

Seriously though backups are essential because things will go wrong. Note that I use ‘will’ and not ‘may’, and these may or may not be under our control.

The other things I used to tell clients is to do a fire drill on a regular basis, by that I mean taking the backups and making sure they can be restored properly and completely. I had one client who discovered that all their backups were useless when they checked.


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