Apple Tablet

Ok, so we have been getting a zillion rumors about the upcoming Apple Tablet along with a bunch of specs about size, connectivity, whatever.

But the report that Apple was talking to a number of high profile publishers about generating content for this device got me thinking about what it would take to make a device like this successful especially given all the naysayers about tablet computing in general. And yes there have been many failures, but there have been notable successes like the Kindle for example and I hear that the Fujitsu and Toshiba tablets have both been getting some traction in the health care industry.

What made the iPod a success was the music store, this is key. The integrated experience of buying, downloading and playing music is also very important but would be useless a music store with depth to it.

What made the iPhone popular (it is not yet a success) was the app store, again this is key. The iPhone really broke out of it’s niche market once people were able to get applications that were outside Apple’s stable.

The same will be true for the Apple tablet, and I think one of the key features will be the ability to get good content from high profile publishers. The Kindle proves that model to a large degree but it is a single task device and that limits it.

What I would like from a tablet computer is access to the web, weblogs, news, books, music, photos, etc… For me it would be first and foremost a device with which I access and read content on the go, and that makes it different from an iPhone or a laptop for that matter.


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