iTunes 9

I upgraded to iTunes 9 recently and was initially quite disappointed by the new column based interface before realizing that you could manage which columns were displayed and whether they were displayed on the left hand side or across the top. It did take me three days and reading the MacWorld review to figure it out.


Remora on a Nurse Shark

Been a while since I posted a scuba picture on sunday. Actually it had been a while since I went diving so there were no new pictures to post, but that was rectified last week as I spent a week scuba diving in the Turks and Caicos and got 29 dives in, 6 on two of the days.

The weather allowed us to go to French Cay and we got 5 dives in there. On one of the dives we were joined by a 5 foot Nurse Shark, actually a pregnant female. What interested me the most was the Remora that was attached to it. The shark took a rest from swimming at some point (they generally sleep during the day and hunt at night) and I was able to get a nice close up of the Remora on its back.

The Remora itself is about 8-10 inches long so this show was a close up, you can see the texture of the scales on the shark itself, pretty neat.

What was interesting about the Remoras was that they would swim alongside the sharks as well as sticking to them. This one would periodically unstick itself, swim around the shark a little and re-stick itself to it.