Snow Leopard Bugs

I have run into three really irritating Snow Leopard bugs and one feature change which is only mildly irritating.

The three really irritating bugs are as follows:

  • The main display (I have three attached to my computer) will go black for no apparent reason, at least it did until I decided to do a clean install. This is a documented problem and seems to have gone away since I did a clean install but we shall see. If it does start up again I will back down to 10.5.8
  • Sometimes the video on the main display will “wobble” when it comes back on after being turned off for a while, not a show stopper because it only lasts 10-15 seconds but still.
  • The main display will “forget” its color calibration profile after being off for a certain period of time, this is probably linked with the “wobbly” display bug mentioned above.

Finally the mildly irritating feature change is that Snow Leopard now does not respect the creator code when opening a documents, it only respects the file name extension.


Search User Interfaces

Great post by Greg Linden on a new book from Marti Hearst called “Search User Interfaces“.

The book is available online for free, or you can get it from your favorite bookseller.