Update on CentOS 5.3

I tried my best with CentOS 5.3 but it had a serious problem on my core i7 motherboard, for some reason everything was running about half as fast as it should have been, cpu bound application were spending a lot more time than they should have been in system land. I was getting better performance running under VMware on my MacPro!

I posted a questions to the CentOS forums and, getting no answer after 24 hours, decided to install Fedora 11, which seems to work well so far. The 150+ updates which are installed on top of a fresh install are hardly inspiring given that Fedora 11 came out barely 3 weeks ago, but everything seems to be ok so far.

Except for two drives failures in quick succession, same model and same amount of run time, both ran out of spare sectors within days if each other.


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