iPhone 3GS Review

Great review of the iPhone 3GS by Robert Mons on MacInTouch. I have the original iPhone, which has been dropped a few times and the glass is slightly broken in a corner, so I am due for an upgrade. The case for an upgrade is hard to make for current iPhone 3G owners and the review reflects that, but it is easier for original iPhone owners such as myself:

For original iPhone owners, this is a good time to update: the new phone is faster, has a compass-assisted GPS, has up to four times as much storage for your music, has much better voice call quality and a louder speakerphone, and offers compelling new features like video recording, autofocus and Voice Control.

A few things are holding me back, ATT, lack of MMS, lack of tethering, the fact that my monthly cost would go up by $10.


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