Apple In-Ear Headphones

I bought the Apple In-Ear Headphones a while back, I am a fan of in-ear headphones because they cancel out most of the outside noises letting you focus on the music. usually use in-ear headphones at the gym because (a) I don’t want to hear the music they are playing, I rather hear my own music/podcasts and (b) I don’t want to hear other people working out.

I really like the response on these headphones, the music is clean and the sound seems well balanced. I had a really hard time with the last Apple in-ear headphones because they were a poor fit and kept falling out of my ears (I have small ear canals so I need to use the smallest ear buds, they are also of different sizes but that is another story,) but these fit much better.

However having the control on the cable is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it makes volume and track adjustments very easy when you are running, you don’t have to reach for your iPod. A curse because the sweat runs down the cable into the controls which start to function in random order, so about 25 minutes into my run the iPod will start, stop and skip songs in a random fashion which us a real pain.


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