Muting Noisy Websites

Here is an interesting idea, muting noisy websites. Like a lot of people I listen to music on my computer and the only choice I have when I come across a noisy web site (ads most of the time) is to mute everything.

Apparently Apple is looking at implementing such a feature.

It should not be too difficult to come up with a plugin which allows me to selectively mute websites, or an application which does the same for other applications.


AppleTV Annoyance

My AppleTV is currently annoying me, for some reason the latest round of AppleTV/iTunes software upgrades has broken the automatic syncing when new podcasts are downloaded.

I did a complete software restore on the AppleTV, back to factory settings, upgraded the software to the current release and resynced all my content but no change.

New iPhone

I will be in the market for a new iPhone this summer, well it depends on what Apple releases. I currently have the first version and the current iPhone does not have anything compelling enough for me to upgrade (3G and GPS don’t matter to me that much and I prefer the metal back of the first version.) And there is the matter of the more expensive plan too ($10/month I recall).

I was disappointed to see that ATT will retain exclusivity, I think a little price competition would be a good thing (competition in America, would would have thought!!)

Actually if ATT is smart about this they will provide some kind of incentive for the early adopters to re-up for a two year contract which is going to expire in june as the first iPhone was released just two years ago.

PBS Posting Videos

PBS is following in the steps of Hulu and starting to post some of its great content to the web.

I think it is a great idea, but watching video on the web is not my idea of a good time. I would prefer to watch this stuff on my television, in better quality than flash can deliver.

Which I why I don’t use Hulu (actually it is one of the reasons, the other is that none of the content really appeals to me.)

I would prefer a system which allows me to rent (or buy) selected programs on iTunes and watch them on my television.

PBS does have a storefront on iTunes, but it has relatively few programs on it.

Housekeeping Update

This past week I decided to reorganize what social media sites I use and what I use them for.

LinkedIn will be for my professional life only, which makes sense since it is what it is used for.

Facebook will be for friends and family only.

Friendfeed will be for all the articles and worthwhile blog posts I read.

Twitter will be for random thoughts and short messages.

And my blog will be for more everything that does not fit into the above categories.

Checking Out of the Apple Store

I was always curious about the etiology of the portable check-out devices that are used in the Apple Stores. Personally I think they are wonderful devices saving me having to queue up with everyone else and their cousin to pay for something as simple as a set of headphones.

Now I find out that they are Windows Mobile based (uck) but will be replaced soon with an iPhone based technology.

It is always good to eat one’s dog food, but I suspect that iPhones may be a little too crunchy for dog food (and my dog agrees.)

MyRoar Written up in Mass High Tech

MyRoar was written up in Mass High Tech today:

What if you could ask the web a question — and get an honest answer?

If you’re a financial analyst, a Boston startup called MyRoar Inc. says you can. The bootstrapped venture is building a semantic search product designed to answer analysts’ questions directly, like, “Is anyone backing this bond?” or “How many hedge funds are there in the U.S.?”