Hadoop User Group (Boston)

My good friend Elias Torres is looking to start a Hadoop User Group in the Boston area:

Yesterday I attended WebInno21 with @dcancel and @meattle and after talking to a few startup folks about infrastructure and deployment it reminded me that I have been meaning to probe the local gang to see if there was enough interest in a Hadoop User meeting. The Hadoop User Group (Bay Area) meets pretty regularly. Others are meeting in San Diego, DC, NY, LA, etc. At Lookery, we have a couple of decent-sized Hadoop clusters running on Amazon EC2 full-time. It’s at the core of our infrastructure: log analyzing, report generation, data warehousing, creating databases for our APIs, billing, etc. I think I can share a good amount on using Hadoop, but I’d rather not do this alone. We don’t have to meet regular and don’t need to have bleeding-edge project presentations, but simply pick a few topics from deployment, usage, programming model, current experiences, etc. I know personally a few good folks that expressed interest in working with it like HubSpot, The Echo Nest, StyleFeeder, etc.

If you’re interested in either sharing or attending please drop me a comment, @eliast, mail, whatever so I can gauge the interest level on this.

I plan to attend when it takes off, drop me a line if you are interested and I can put you in touch with him.


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