MyRoar Written up

MyRoar was written up twice recently. On the New Ideas Engineering weblog:

This year we also want to mention a newcomer in search, MyRoar. Formed by technical folks who understand the financial services market, MyRoar is a natural language question machine. They claim that their technology does not need to be trained like vendors InQuira and Q-Go; we’re hopeful to do more with them this year so we can report back on our findings.

And on Stephen Arnold’s weblog:

A happy quack to the reader who alerted me to This is a vertical search service that relies on natural language processing. I did some sleuthing and learned that François Schiettecatte joined the company earlier this year. Mr. Schiettecatte has a distinguished track record in search, natural language processing, and content processing. French by birth, he went to university in the UK and has lived and worked in the US for many years.
You can use the system here. The system performed quite well on my test queries; for example, “What are the current financials for Parker Hannifin?” returned two results with the data I wanted. I will try to get Mr. Schiettecatte to participate in the Search Wizards Speak interview series. Give the system a whirl.


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