Revolting Code


Ok, so there is no lack of Java style guides out there, you can get one from Sun, there is also a good one available from Geotechnical Software Services, and so on and so forth.

And so I am currently checking out this package (which shall remain nameless) where all the method names start with an upper case letter, why, oh why…

And you have classes where the method ‘EntityType()’ gets the entity type (see that upper case letter) and ‘EntityType(…)’ actually sets the entity type, why, oh why…

And the list goes on and on…



4 Responses to Revolting Code

  1. Yoav Shapira says:

    I’ll wager a guess: a former (or current) .NET programmer wrote it.

  2. Most likely, I have the author’s (old) email address so I may well drop them a line and ask. Clearly the person did not really understand Java, oh well…

  3. whirlycott says:

    I googled for “void EntityType” to see if I could guess what the code is. Is this it?

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