Percona XtraDB Storage Engine

I have been trying out the Percona XtraDB Storage Engine, a drop in replacement for InnoDB and it seems to work well so far. I deployed it on a test system I have running here (which is always running).

It did toast the MySQL Python module because the libraries moved from ./lib to ./lib/mysql which was a little irritating.


3 Responses to Percona XtraDB Storage Engine

  1. airhead says:

    You post a lot about fixing and extending MySQL. Have you ever been tempted to switch to postgres? On the surface, it looks like they’ve put a lot of work and focus on the areas where mysql is not so good…

  2. Do I post that much about MySQL? I did not realize that. I have looked a couple of times at switching to PostgreSQL, once early on in the life of Feedster, and then again in the middle of Feedster’s life. In both cases we ran into the same issues, one was data migration, the other was the fact that MySQL has more traction in the marketplace so there is just information available about it (and more people know it.) I can’t really say whether one is better than the other since I have not looked at PostgreSQL in any depth, but the comparisons I have read suggest that it is technically ahead of MySQL, It is hard to argue with market share though. I do note that EnterpriseDB is developed around PostgreSQL and has a suite of tools to make PostgreSQL look like Oracle.

  3. airhead says:

    Enough posts to spot an interest :)

    Thanks for the response!

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