New CTO Position

About 2 months ago I took the position of CTO at MyRoar, an NLP based financial search engine founded by Kate McDonough.

I joined because it was a good fit and there was a lot of overlap with the project I was working on, specifically in the back end needed to drive a search engine. They had the NLP engine and I have everything else around it.

After a slow start I effectively took over development over Thanksgiving weekend, getting a demo site running in about four days and am currently working on refining the demo, getting more data into the index, and working with Kate on raising the funds needed to take this to the next level of development.

The demo is pretty small, on purpose. It is a demo and it was put together in very short order. Since then I have been refining it to grow a little more and to index more data. For me is has been a very interesting learning experience about NLP, and the performance characteristics of NLP which are, shall we say, interesting.

Along the way I also took over the development of the front-end, we also have a mobile front-end. I had to learn enough PHP to muddle my way through in a few days, and it is not perfect but it works well enough as a demo.

Currently I am looking into using Amazon’s EC2 for processing, because NLP always needs more.


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