Windows 7 Beta

I tried to get the Windows 7 Beta but failed, like a lot of other people it seems, but I headed over to my favorite bittorrent web site and found a link for it and duly downloaded a copy to try out.

I first tested it out on WMWare and it was ok if a little slow, and then installed it on my MacMini and I have to say that it is pretty nice.

I have not really delved into Windows since I use a Mac exclusively, but recently had to help a friend with a (rapidly rotting) Windows XP installation. I spent some time running some diagnostics but the machine was still acting up. I decided that a reinstall was in order and spent about 6 hours installing Windows XP, and tracking down drivers and such. While somewhat somewhat painful, but it was a useful learning experience, and I decided that I wanted to check into Windows 7.


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