iPhone Nano

There are rumors swirling around an iPhone Nano case that has hit the web as a possible indication of smaller iPhone.

First the skepticism. It is hard to see how the UI will work on a smaller device, especially the keyboard. It is also hard to see what kind of (smaller) battery could keep the device powered for a day, without removing things like GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Then the optimism. I still have my original iPod which I take out from time to time to charge up and play around with. Next to the new iPods it really looks and feels like a brick, and it is heavier than I my iPhone, so it may not be too much of a stretch to imagine a progression for the iPhone which is similar to that of the iPod.

I think an iPhone, stripped of its GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and most of its memory could be that small and could retail for $99 with a contract.


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