Code Reviews

I have not read this article “Automated code reviews with Checkstyle” yet, but the title really sparked my interest though because I am a great believer in code reviews as a tool for identifying bugs and for learning new techniques.

Yet the first paragraph set the hair on the back of my neck on end:

Code reviews are essential to code quality, but no team wants to review tens of thousands of lines of code, or should have to. In this two-part article, ShriKant Vashishtha and Abhishek Gupta show you how to overcome the challenges associated with code reviews by automating them. Find out why Checkstyle is one of the most popular tools used for code review automation, then learn how to quickly enhance its built-in rules with custom ones just for your project. Level: Intermediate

Surely doing automated code reviews miss the main points of doing a code review in the first place, one being that you want to get additional eyes to look at the code, and the other to get insight from other people as to what you could be doing differently and, hopefully, better. Or am I missing something.


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