Code Reviews

I have not read this article “Automated code reviews with Checkstyle” yet, but the title really sparked my interest though because I am a great believer in code reviews as a tool for identifying bugs and for learning new techniques.

Yet the first paragraph set the hair on the back of my neck on end:

Code reviews are essential to code quality, but no team wants to review tens of thousands of lines of code, or should have to. In this two-part article, ShriKant Vashishtha and Abhishek Gupta show you how to overcome the challenges associated with code reviews by automating them. Find out why Checkstyle is one of the most popular tools used for code review automation, then learn how to quickly enhance its built-in rules with custom ones just for your project. Level: Intermediate

Surely doing automated code reviews miss the main points of doing a code review in the first place, one being that you want to get additional eyes to look at the code, and the other to get insight from other people as to what you could be doing differently and, hopefully, better. Or am I missing something.


MySQL Performance Audit

Baron Schwartz of Percona wrote up an interesting post on how they go about doing a MySQL performance audit. There is a lot of MySQL goodness in there as well as good information on how to gather performance metrics from a Linux installation.

One of the funny things I read there was finding 32-bit operating systems installed on 64-bit machines, which is exactly the case with a server I am currently working on. Not that it matters too much since the server only has 2GB of RAM.

On the other hand I have come across people running 32-bit apps on 64-bit operating systems, which seems to me a little like trying to run a race with one hand and one foot tied together.

MySQL 5.1 Goes GA, Finally…

I was happy to see that MySQL 5.1 went GA on November 27th, it has taken a very long time to get there.

I use it for my current project, in fact I selected it over 5.0 in the expectation that it would go GA while my work was in progress.

We tried it out while I was at Feedster, in the fall of 2006 and rejected it pretty quickly because it was way too unstable and opted for 5.0 instead.

Demo Work

I have been spending most of this long weekend working on a demo which required me to use SOLR/Lucene. I have not looked at it in any depth for about a year and looks like things have moved along nicely since.

Two things which still irritate me, it seemed to be pretty hard to set up multiple indices on a server, maybe I am missing something, and there is no support for distributed searching, at least not built into the product.

Still, it is really easy to work with.