Drobo and Netatalk

I don’t have a Drobo but every day I am getting closer to getting one for backups (what I would really like is an Apple Airport Extreme with FireWire and I would be all set.)

On the other hand, BackMyFruitUp looks very interesting:

BackMyFruitUp adds netatalk (AFP) functionality to a DroboShare. In turn it also adds support for TimeMachine backups to a Drobo via a DroboShare. Effectively it allows for a TimeCapsule-like backup system to a NAS drive. This project is fully tested and stable.

The author also posted some information in the comments section of this post, “Tricking Time Machine into working with a Drobo” by Jeff Smykil.


Coral Banded Shrimp

The Coral Banded Shrimp is pretty common in Caribbean, you can usually find them tucked up in rocks and corals, and sometimes in sponges.

They are very distinctive with their red and white stripes, and very long white antennae.

They tend to come out more at night than during the day, and the smaller ones can be found at cleaning stations.

At night they are easy to find because their eyes reflect the light. All you need to do is shine your light over a reef and look for the red eyes located on the rocks and corals. It is a little weird the first time to see all those red eyes seemingly staring back at you.

Split ‘n Scale

Very good article on scalability at eBay by Randy Shoup.

If one was to take home one message from the article, it would be this:

“if you can’t split it, you can’t scale it.”

Apple and Search Engines

If one is to believe the rumors, Apple is working on some sort of search engine wrapper for its mobile products. Other rumors suggest that Apple is building a search engine which I think is bunk for obvious reasons.

I can see why they would do that, the screen real estate is much smaller and the needs are likely different than when you are searching from a laptop or desktop computer.

All that being said, Apple’s work in this area is mixed. Sherlock was an interesting wrapper which has since been taken out of Mac OS X (however there is still some developer documentation online.)

Going further back, Apple had some involvement with WAIS and also released a search gateway product based on WAIS back in the mid-90’s, though I have forgotten what it was called.