A Flock of Hammerhead Sharks

The light is not great in this shot and the image size does not do it justice, otherwise it is a pretty good shot of a school of Hammerhead Sharks passing overhead.

I am pretty sure this was taken at Alcyone in the Cocos Island, the dive profile there is pretty simple, drop down the line to 80 feet, sit (or cling depending on the current) and wait for the sharks to come by which they well.

In this case there were a lot more than you can see in the shot, it was quite the spectacle. Sometimes one or two would get close but they were scared off by the bubbles from our regulators.

The most impressive spectacle was on the last dive on this site where a shoal passed right over our heads, no shots of that because I just had to put the camera down and take in the beauty of the moment.

Interesting factoid I learned today, 94% of the biomass on this planet is in the oceans, only 6% is on land (and that includes humans.)


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