MySQL 5.1.29 Released

MySQL 5.1.29 was just released, the final release candidate on the way to general availability. I have been running 5.1.28 for a while with no issues.

The main change I see here (for me at least) is the ability to change logging without having to restart the server.

Log on demand is one of the main features of MySQL 5.1. It means that you can enable and disable general logs and slow query logs without restarting the server. You can also change the log file names, again without a restart.

What was missing was the ability of setting a log file name in the options file, without actually starting the logging. The old option log, could set the general log file name, but it will also start the logging immediately. If you want to set the log file name without activating the logging, now you can use general_log_file=filename or slow_query_log_file=file_name in the options file. These features were already available as system variables, but not as startup options.

From the “software takes time department”, I first started playing around with the 5.1 release while at Feedster at the end of 2006, but we chose not to use it because it was just too unstable.


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