Upgraded to BBEdit 9.0.2

I have finally upgraded up to BBEdit 9.0.2. I had had a few problems with the initial 9.0 and 9.0.1 releases (see here and here).

I provided BareBones with a sample Java file so they were able to fix the function popup issue there. The “Text file busy” issue turned out to be a little more complicated. BBEdit uses kevents to monitor for file changes and it looks like netatalk interprets that as a lock of some sort. I have seen this issue before on linux with volume mounted via NFS and lockd was not running.

I played around a little bit with the netatalk configuration and was not able to resolve the issue, but there are two workarounds.

One is to turn off file monitoring via the “Automatically refresh documents as they change on disk” preference.

Another is to precede the script with the interpreter name as follows:

linux32: ~ > perl ./test.pl

I will post an update if I find a cleaner solution as I like to have file monitoring turned on.


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