MacBook Review

Macintouch published a really good review of the new Apple MacBook:

The radically redesigned aluminum MacBook is the first major retooling of Apple’s consumer-oriented laptops since the Intel-based MacBook replaced the PowerPC-based iBook in May 2006. A new “unibody” chassis made from a single piece of machined aluminum brings the look of the MacBook Pro line, while improving serviceability, and a striking black, glass display now unifies Apple’s MacBook, iMac and iPhone designs. A new, glass trackpad extends gestural control.

Brand new video hardware from Nvidia replaces the old Intel graphics, and the mini-DVI port has been replaced with mini-DisplayPort, so the MacBook now can drive the massive 30″ Apple Cinema Display.

But Apple has removed FireWire, leaving many users — especially IT professionals, musicians and video enthusiasts — stranded with unusable investments in important FireWire peripherals.

The new MacBook costs more than the old one — it retails for $1299 — but the old, white MacBook model, upgraded with a SuperDrive and complete with FireWire, is available for just $999. A $1599 aluminum MacBook model adds a faster CPU and a larger hard drive. Like all Macs, the aluminum MacBook includes the latest iLife suite (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iDVD, iWeb, and iTunes).

Well worth reading if you are thinking of getting one of these puppies, the lack of FireWire and the shiny, shiny screen is an issue though.


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