Lazy Linux

I have to admit that I am somewhat lazy, well lazy is not the best way to put it, I am careful with how I spend my time, so spending time checking on machines, processes, and what-have-you is not very productive. I much prefer to automate and have problems flagged to me when needed.

While the article “Lazy Linux: 11 secrets for lazy cluster admins” talks about cluster management, the lessons are equally applicable to JBOM (Just a Bunch Of Machines):

Cluster means different things to different people. In the context of this article, cluster is best defined as scale-out — scale-out clusters generally have a lot of the same type of components like Web farms, render farms, and high performance computing (HPC) systems. Administrators will tell you that with scale-out clusters any change, no matter how small, must be repeated up to hundreds of thousands of times; the laziest of admins have mastered techniques of scale-out management so that regardless of the number of nodes, the effort is the same. In this article, the authors peer into the minds of the laziest Linux® admins on Earth and divulge their secrets.


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