Southern Sting Ray

This Southern Sting Ray was shot on a night dive. Actually there were lots on this dive as we were over a sandy bottom and the tend to ‘hang out’ on those more than on coral heads, which they do because they feed on small creatures buried in the sand.

Usually Southern Sting Rays avoid humans, and most of the shots I have of them are of their backs as they are swimming away from me. For some reason they were bothered by my presence and I was able to observe them pretty closely while they were feeding. They would use their wings to create small currents to stir up the sand and presumably they filter out whatever they want to eat from that.

What I did not know is that they have two little fins at the base of their tail which they would use like feet to scoot back and forth for very short distances. Up to now I had never seen them do that but then again I had never gotten this close to them. I did find this quite remarkable.


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