Black Sailfin Blenny

This little guy is a Black Sailfin Blenny living in a small hole in a loose rock on a sand bed. It was really small so I had a hard time getting a descent shot with enough light. Added to which it would retreat into its little hole unless I brought my finger close to it whereupon it would come out of its hole and deploy its sailfin, presumably to scare me off.

We had spent the night on this spot and had done a night dive here and we had spotted him them but I was not able to get a good shot because it was dark which made aiming the camera pretty much impossible. The sand had a tendency to get kicked up and cloud the water as well.

So a bunch of us had decided to do a dawn dive the next morning. We were woken up by the crew around 4:30am, were on the bottom by 5am while it was still dark and watched the reef as the sun came up. It was very interesting to see how the sea life changed over because the night life on a reef is quite different from the day life.

Towards the end of that dawn dive we found this little guy again and I was able to get some shots.

Edited October 6th, 2008 – See this article about microplastics polluting the oceans and the story of “Junk”.


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