Changing the Safari’s Default Search Engine

Even though I use both Safari and Firefox regularly, I have to admit that Safari is my primary browser, primary browser being the one which contains my reference set of bookmarks. But the one thing that irks me about Safari is that I cannot change the default search engine, out of the box you are stuck with Google.

So I went looking this morning to see if there was something that could be done about this. It turns out that Inquisitor by Dave Watanabe does just that. It add functionality to the search box, giving you auto-completion and additional results from other search engines, and allows you to customize which search engine you want to use within limits. Since it is now owned by Yahoo, you are limited to Yahoo and Google, but it does allow you to narrow your choice down to a particular country if you desire which is a nice touch. It would have been nice to be able to add additional search engines, but it is a start and since it is owned by Yahoo you can understand why this is not supported.

A couple of questions remain though. There does not seem to be an easy way to un-install it, and I am not sure if Apple software update process will choke on that when the next version of Safari is released.

Maybe it is time to make that switch to Firefox.

Updated – Sept 28, 2008 – I have sent some feedback asking how to un-install it, in the meantime I think all you need to do is remove the ‘/Library/InputManagers/Inquisitor’, ‘/Library/Receipts/inquisitor.pkg’, and ‘/Library/Receipts/inquisitorPreflight.pkg’ folders. It seems to have done the trick for me.


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