Quit Complaining about the App Store

TechCrunch tells us to stop complaining about the Apple App Store:

So to developers out there, those who love the App Store and those who loathe it, recall that the power of the platform is to create a system which connects software developers and consumers of that software. But when someone makes a platform, they also control the rules which go along with that platform. And right now the platform to be on is the iPhone platform. To those who are unhappy with the restrictions that Apple places on the App Store, don’t complain. Just keep on coding.

Honestly I can see both sides of the issue here. Apple’s App Store is, well, Apple’s App Store and they are free to list, refuse to list and delist any application they want, after all they own and pay for the infrastructure, and they definitely have an interest in maintaining a certainly level of quality. On the other hand Apple has not been completely transparent with its selection criteria which might make some people think twice about developing certain apps.


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