Silver Tip Shark

This is a Silver Tip Shark, taken at the Silverado dive site on the Cocos Island.

A few things are interesting about this shot (and the others taken there).

Silverado is a very shallow dive site, close to the shore, the bottom sits at around 30 feet and there is a ridge of rock jutting out from the shore topping out at around 15 feet from the surface, so a very shallow site as I said. If you manage your air carefully you could be there for 2 hours and since it is so shallow you would accumulate very little nitrogen in your body (we were all on nitrox so we probably had zero accumulation, but I would need to check the dive tables for that.)

This is a site is a cleaning station for Silver Tip Sharks, they come in and get cleaned by smaller fish (I have written about cleaning stations before). Since the sharks are larger fishes it follows that the cleaner fisher are larger too. What is interesting is that Silver Tip Sharks are blue water sharks who usually don’t come close to land, so this is unusual. They were not bothered by us and I was able to get some good shots.

Finally this was the last dive of the trip (we had to beat someone else off the site, which was fine since we had the right of way) so we wanted to make sure we got all we could out of it. Of course fate was not going to be so easy on us and the thermocline has risen here and the water was quite cold, and I had forgone the second layer on my wet suit because I was too warm when we dove the very same site two days earlier.


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