Code Reviews

Right now I am working on my project alone, with all the upsides and downside this entails. The main upside being that I control the direction entirely, and the main downside is that I miss out on the creative input that one gets when working with other people (this has been a continuous problem for me as I used to work as a consultant.)

There are many ways around this, one of which is to read as much as possible to generate that creative input, another way is to submit your work to a colleague who can review it and critique it, basically a code review.

Which is what I did this week, spending a day going over code and design patterns (I can’t quite shake that C mindset,) and getting a healthy reality check on what I am doing wrong, what I could be doing better, and most importantly how to fix these things. The list was long, very long… That being said I worked my way through it and things are looking much better for it.


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